Pequegnat Variant Clocks

Variant Pequegnat Clocks show up from time to time. It’s hard to know if they were “special orders” or “prototype” clocks or whatever. Since Pequegnat sold the movements without the cases they could easily be clocks from other independent cabinet makers. Companies such as the Franco American Clock Company put their labels on the clock so we can assume they bought the movements from the Pequegnat factory and had them installed in their own clocks. However, unfortunately most Variant Pequegnat clocks found today have no label to identify their origin.

Years ago the production records from the factory were destroyed, and as most of the employees are now gone, we can only rely on our “gut feelings”, logic and experience, to figure out if the clocks were truly “Pequegnat Variants” and were more than likely manufactured in the Pequegnat factory.

Berlyn – Variant

Brandon – Variant with Chime Rod

Canadian Time – Ottawa Variant

Canadian Time – Variant

Canadian Time – Variant

Franco American Clock Company

King Edward – 15 Day Movement

Kingston – Variant

Mantel – Variant

Pantheon – Variant

Pantheon – Variant (2)

Toronto 1st Edition – Variant