The owner of this beautiful clock contacted The Canadian Clock Museum in early 2006.  Consequently, the Museum was able to confirm the existence of the first known example of this extremely rare model from the early 1900s. 
The black enamelled iron metal case, including the feet, is a perfect match to the image and description given in the first Pequegnat Catalogue published in 1904. The bezel, named early dial, the unstamped movement and the pendulum bob are obviously all original. There is no evidence that the clock ever had a label. Inside the clock it has a wooden floor used to mount the Gong. The clock is a perfect example in all ways.
The clock remains in private hands.
On a personal note. I would like to thank the family members of the owners of the clock, who have graciously allowed me to share their excellent photographs with my fellow clock enthusiasts. Special thanks to Allan Symons of the Canadian Clock Museum, for all of his help in securing approval to post these pictures, and his "hands-on" description of the clock.