Regulator # 1

The Regulator #1 is no doubt the best timekeeper made by Pequegnat. The company said in it's advertising: "A Handsome Clock, fitted with a Movement which is unexcelled", Beautiful Finish on both Movement and Case". They also stated that this clock is "The Finest Office Clock Made"!  As far as Pequegnat clocks go there is no doubt that these statements are true.

It had an eight day movement with brass weights hung on an iron bracket. They were time only, at 80 beats per minute. They had a Graham Dead-beat Escapement, Lantern Pinions and Maintaining Power.

The clock measures 36 inches in height and is 15 3/4 inches wide. It has a 12 inch dial. The clock was available in either mahogany or golden oak.

The clock was first offered for sale in the 1904 Catalogue supplement and was offered in every other catalogue there after.

I wouldn't say this clock is rare but I would say it's highly sought after. I am pleased to have four of them in my collection.

* Graham Dead-Beat Escapement information check  Here

* Lantern Pinions information check  Here

* Maintaining Power  A mechanism for keeping a clock or watch going while it is being wound.