Milton - (3 Versions) (MILTON B SOLD)

All three "Milton's" are very similar in size, however differ in trim. All three examples are 6 1/4 inches deep. The "Milton - A"  is 10 inches high, by 14 1/8 inches wide. The "Milton - B" is 10 1/4 inches high and 14 1/4 inches wide. The "Milton - C" is 10 1/2 inches high and 14 1/8 inches wide.

All three clocks have 8 day Time and Strike Movements. Clocks "A" and "B" have the keyhole to adjust the pendulum height in the dial. The back door is different on model "C". Typical Pequegnat and their mix and match policy.

The "Milton" was featured in the 1913 and 1918 Catalogues. One of my favorite clocks that is still relatively easy to find.