Maple Leaf - 1st Edition Gingerbreads (3 Models)

The "Gingerbread" style or 1st Edition Maple Leafs were only featured in the 1904 Catalogue.

 They came in three distinct models. The one with the rounded top is called the "Fan Top" model. The other two are identified as the "Points Up" or  "Points Down" model depending on the shape of the outer wings at the top of the clock. It's easy to see when you look at the picture of all three together. The clocks are 22 1/2 inches tall and 15 1/4 inches wide. The "Points Down" model is interesting as it has the silver glass rather that the more traditional gold.

 I have included pictures of a pair of "Fan Tops" and a pair of "Points Up" in my collection. Of interest, is the different dial pans used on the same clocks. Typical Pequegnat!

It's interesting to note the movement on the "Points Down" version is the only Catalogued Pequegnat mantel clock with the escape wheel on the outside of the front brass plate. (see the following picture). All others have the escape wheel on the inside of the front and back plates.

All three have 8 day movements with the usual gong and "Maple Leaf" pendulums. These clocks are generally harder to find than the 2nd Edition Maple Leafs. The "Points Up" model is the most difficult to find of the three.