Orillia (SOLD)

This mantel clock only appeared in the 1928 Catalogue. The clock measures 11 inches in height, 17 1/4 inches in width and is 5 3/4 inches wide. The 8 day movement has the gong to announce the hours and half hours. It has a very nice 7 inch silvered dial with the original label inside the clock on the base.

This pretty little clock is considered rare and hard to find.

Note: The "Oxford" and the "Orillia" are virtually the same clock with one exception. The "Oxford" was offered for sale in the 1918 catalogue with the smaller porcelain dial (5 1/2 " Sash). In about 1920 the company started producing silvered dials. The same case was used in the 1928 catalogue however the larger silver dial (7" Sash) was installed and in the 1928 catalogue the model name was changed to the "Orillia". As company records are incomplete no one knows for sure when they started using the "Orillia" model name.