The "Woodstock" and the "Windsor" are identical in all ways, except that the "Woodstock" has a 1 1/2 inch tall railing around the top of the clock. They are designed and were sold as "shelf clocks" To that end both have a grove running across the length of the top of the clock. Decorative plates etc. could be put into the grove and it would help secure them.

Both models appeared in the 1913 and 1918 catalogues. The clocks measure 39 inches in width, the cases are 10 1/4 inches tall and are 5 3/4 inches deep. These clocks have the wooden "squared" designed pendulum bob that is unique to these two models. They have the mission dials with cast-brass numbers. The number 3 and the number 5 have the long tails typical of the  Pequegnat mission dials. Both have 8 day time only movements.

These clocks are rare and difficult to find!