Variant - Barley Twist

These clocks were never in any of the Pequegnat catalogues. Well, I think I know the whereabouts of possibly 6 of these clocks. The "The Pequegnat Story" by Varkaris reports that there is one in the Museum of Science and Technology (Where ever that is!). Well that I believe that one is now owned by a collector in Kitchener.

It was purchased in April 2006 and the previous owner says the "Barley Twist" purchased was the one in the Varkaris book. He claims the clock was mistakenly identified in the book as being in the Museum of Science and Technology when actually it was from a Convent in Montreal. He also kept the receipt when he purchased it in 1976 for $945.The new owner in Kitchener now has that receipt. A great find!

 I also hear tell of two more in Southern Saskatchewan and I have a pair in my collection, so that makes five. There is also another one reported in Ontario and that would make six.  I'm sure there are probably more kicking around, but who knows for sure.

With the "Barley twist" columns on the large cabinet I personally think they are the  most beautiful and substantial of all of the Pequegnat Grandfather clocks. Rare or not, one thing for sure they are expensive!!

PS. Sold one of My "Barley Twists" in May 2012 to a collector in Ontario and sold the other in May 2013!