Simcoe (3 Versions) (ALL SOLD)

The "Simcoe"  is an interesting clock. The case is virtually the same as the "Jewel" except with lion heads and feet. The case design is absolutely identical for both clocks except the Jewel case is about an inch wider. The "Galt" model is the same as the "Jewel" and "Simcoe" except it has feet and no lion heads.

The first example has a Berlin signed dial with 8 Day Time and Strike Movements. It gongs the hours as well as the half hour. The Bezel has beveled glass in it rather the the more usual "flat glass". No label was on the clock.

The "Pie Crust" example has an 8 day movement with a gong for the hours and a cup bell for the half hours. The bezel has the early "Pie Crust" Bezel around the dial. It has a nice original label.

The "Walnut" example is unusual because of the ball feet. The 8 day movement has the usual gong for the hours and the cup bell for the half hours. Pequegnat clocks in walnut are extra difficult to find.

The model appeared in the 1904 catalogue supplement as well as the 1913, 1918 and 1928 catalogues. All three clocks measure 10 3/4 inches in height, 14 inches width and are 7 inches deep.

They are very difficult clocks to find.