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After over 100 years of accumulated clock collecting, Skip Kerr (Edmonton) and Ken Wilkie (Saskatoon) have decided to lighten they're loads. Not that either one of us intend to sell off our entire collections but just enough to make a sizable dint.

With over 500 clocks between us if we sold but one a week it could take a few years. So to keep stress levels at a minimum we intend to add an extra few clocks to the "for-sale" list every week or so for perhaps the next year. (So check back regularly)

Most of the clocks are of Canadian (Pequegnat) or American origin with a few European clocks to be offered also. On some clocks there might be some possible movement on the prices offered but on others not so much. Prices are in Canadian Dollars and are FOB Edmonton or Saskatoon depending on where its located.

The prices do not include professional packing, when required, insurance and shipping. These costs will be added to the payable invoice.

Etransfer is the preferred method of payment.

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