Qoia or Kau-a Kachina (circa 1920's)

1920s Qoia or Kau-a Kachina using pigment and tempra paints, with feathers and old cotton string stands 9 inches tall not including the feathers. This is a really old school kind of kachina that represents a Navajo. He was a favorite at Hopi through the 40's then they sort of stopped dancing it and stopped carving it. Then after a 60 year hiatus it reappeared at Hotevilla village about 10 years ago. Now they are a favorite again. The interesting thing about this kachina is that at some villages it's songs are actually in the Navajo language not Hopi. There are probably 15 or so kinds of kachinas representing Navajos and the all sing in Hopi except this one. The marks above his mouth represents a rainbow and his ears are the falling rain.