The "Colonial" appeared in 1904, 1913, 1918 and 1928 Pequegnat catalogues.  Actually Pequegnat must of liked it so much that he added feet and invented a new model and called it the "London"! Since that worked out so good he then added lion heads to the "London" and called it the "Stratford". One box design, three clocks -- not bad! It has an 8 day movement with a gong on the hour and bell on the half. The model below is in oak with a nice label on the inside the back door. It measures 15 1/2 inches wide, 10 3/4 inches tall and 6 1/2 inches deep. It is also seen with the more ornate sash.

A popular model, it explains why it's probably a little easier to find today than many of the lower production models.