Brampton - (2 Versions)

The "Brampton" model was only featured in the 1928 Pequegnat Catalogue. The one model has two distinct styles. One version has a crown piece on top of the case the other does not.  The clocks both measure 15 1/2 inches in width and are 6 1/2 inches deep, however the clock with the crown is 11 1/4 inches tall and the clock with no crown is 10 1/4 inches tall. 

Both clocks have eight day movements, however the "Brampton" with the crown has two tuned rods for the hour and the half-hour and the "Brampton" with no crown has just a single tuned rod to signal the hour and half-hour. On the single rod chime bracket there is a hole for the second rod however it has never been used and naturally the clock movement is only fitted with one strike hammer.

The label on the "Brampton" with no crown piece has hand written on it that it was sold for $8.00 on March 2 1926.

These are nice looking clocks that are very difficult to find.

The "Amherst" is also seen with these same two differing styles.