Maple Leaf - Fan Top - Early Version

This is a very interesting clock for a number of different reasons:

The movement, dial pan, pendulum, hands, rare silver door glass and the unusual gong are consistent with two other early Maple Leaf "Points Down" model clocks that I have seen. They are all original to this clock. The dial is a replacement. There is no label on the clock and there is nothing to indicate that there ever was one.

The movement is a particularly rare version of the 8 day time and strike one, with the escape wheel is located on the outside the front brass plate. I have only seen this on the early "Points Down" model and this early "Fan Top" model.

The two relief moldings found near the base of the clock are also identical to the moldings used on the base of the mentioned "Points Down" model. However, on those two clocks the base moldings are reversed to this clock, that is to say that the right molding is the on the left side and the left one is on the right side. (Hope that makes some sense!). The other relief moldings on the clock seem to be particular to the clock. (Which are not part of the catalogued "Fan Top" design).

The clock is the earliest (non catalogued) version of the Maple Leaf model.

It measures is 22 3/8 inches high, 14 1/2 inches wide and 4 1/2 inches deep.