Black Peterboro

This interesting 1st Edition "Peterboro" is owned by the Canadian Clock Museum. It was advertised in the 1913 and the 1918 catalogues only. Whats interesting is that the clock is finished in an "Ebonized Black" and not one of the 4 traditional oak finishes as advertised in the two catalogues. The dial and the movement are both marked Berlin which tells us the clock was manufactured 1916 or earlier.  Presumably the "Black Finish" was applied at the case factory (as opposed to someone doing the job later).  The columns have a mottled white paint over black (presumably also done at the factory). The suspension rod/spring is a poor replacement.

This model is hard to find at the best of times and in the "Black Finish" you know this is even rarer and is probably one of  the very few that exist.

Pictures courtesy of Allan Symons and the Canadian Clock Museum.