Welcome to Skip Kerr's Clock Collection

January 2012

My wife Caren and I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and I have been collecting clocks for over 40 years. To keep it practical I have tried to limit my collecting to four distinctive areas of interest.

First. Canadian made Pequegnat clocks, which at this time exceeds 170 pieces. I still have at least 15 clocks to collect, so there is still lots to do. For those that are interested click here to see of list of the ones I am still looking for

Second. Other non Pequegnat clocks. including Gallery clocks, Sonora Chimes, Hanging Gingerbread's etc. etc. etc..

Third. Animated Miniature, Novelty and Alarm clocks.

Fourth. Other things of interest from Paragon Patriotic Ware, Hopi Kachina Dolls, Autographs, Rocket Radios, Animated Wrist Watches, Stereo Slide Photography, et all.

In my "real" life I was trained as a systems analyst and spent the first 15 years of my working life mostly doing just that; the next 5 years I worked in the coin vending business where as I said to my wife "it was like joining the circus and not leaving home". This was my first foray onto private business. Not without it's lumps and bruises, I managed to get out in 1988 (by the skin of my teeth). In 1989, after a year of looking for another business to get into, I decided to get into the Fresh Cut Flower Business. It grew into Grower Direct Fresh Cut Flowers (www.grower.com).

Caren and I have been married for over 40 years and we have two great kids Heather and Chris. Between the two of them we have 6 great grand-kids, Dylan (12 yrs) and Jeremy (11 yrs) thanks to Julie and Chris, then Andrew (11 yrs), Elyse (8 yrs) Max (2 this May) and the newest addition to Eric and Heather's family Abigail who is now 2 1/2 years old. Caren and I are truly blessed! I'm 99 44/100% retired from the fresh cut flower business but happily Chris and Heather are very active in it.

The clock collecting hobby has given me many hours of pleasure over the years and introduced me to many really nice and interesting people and fortunately some like Ken Wilkie, from Saskatoon, have become great friends.

Thanks to an understanding family, mixed with good friends and the numerous clock enthusiasts I've met over the years, I can't imagine a hobby as interesting or rewarding!


Time Goes! AH NO: Time Stays WE GO!